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 J.K.Rowling <3

Yes, she is an example of life and perseverance. a woman who can write the biggest phenomenon Children and Youth of the twentieth century when there was absolutely nothing. she managed to create characters and essentially human a completely parallel to our world if only had money for a coffee. she managed to charm the editors and then readers with its story. She wrote a book for children who managed to reach all ages. she created a mature story with verisimilitude, humanely, with love and magic. she taught us a lesson of life. her, Joanne Kathleen Rowling, is an example to be followed. example of a woman with all its imperfections and difficulties that could make kids read again. she charmed the world with her ​​story, she has fans, it has become so important that there are no words to discrever its magnitude. she is a writer, who showed everyone that women can write about fantasy.
I love you J.K!

(Text written by me and my friend.)

(Source: bolinss)

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